Welcome to the Edge of Creation. We are a Smaug based MUD with a unique history and a large number of original areas, including the main city of the land and the newbie academy. We have an extensive range of races and classes of all alignments, with guilds for each class and many orders for players to join. There are 100 player levels, and we offer a choice between single classing with specialized subclasses at level 20 or multiclassing with up to three classes. We are very newbie friendly, but offer much for experienced players, as well. The IMMS are friendly and are always open to questions and suggestions. Roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded.

We would love to have you visit us and hope you can find a MUD home with us. Just click here to visit, or telnet to edgeofcreation.net:5665. If you like the Edge of Creation, don't forget to Vote at TopMudSites.Com

You can connect to the Edge of Creation by clicking the Java button below, use your telnet mud client or download Putty Telnet and use it to connect.

Hope to see you soon!

Recent News:

  • October 10th, 2008
    Added a new PMOTE command. It functions similar to EMOTE but allows you to put your name anywhere inside the PMOTE using the $n token. Should allow for a bit more diversity and creative roleplay emotes.

  • September 17th, 2008
    Ethos is now set when a players choses their deity. This also means that if you leave your chosen deity your ethos will clear itself. If you pick a new deity, it will be set to that deities ethos as well.

  • May 27th, 2008
    Yes, yes. It's been a long while since an update was done. Kelsena has been kind enough to start an updated directions page. You can also access it from the Players section of the website.

  • April 22nd, 2007
    For those who need a bit more information on the new ethos and alignment changes here's a new page for you: http://www.edgeofcreation.net/alignment.php

  • March 3rd, 2007
    I've added a new MUD client to the Utilities page. It's called Cantrip. It's a Mac based MUD client. All you Mac users, check it out!

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