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What's New in May 2001

ot much is new to relate this month. Then again, I have been pretty lax these last few months with updates and changes to the site. So I figure, I will give you the heads up on what's coming up for the future of the Edge of Creation v2.0 Web Site. Yes, there is a version 2.0 of the web site in the works.

Basically it will include more features and ambience that will not only enhance the web site but also the overall atmosphere of the game itself for you the players, new and old. As I redesign the site from the ground up, more emphasis will be laid out to bring more information from the game point-of-view including helpful tips and possibly tricks for the new MUD player experiencing the Edge for the very first (or second) time.

Your probably asking yourself what I mean by game point-of-view. Well, any changes or news that happen on the MUD will be announced here too. The areas themselves will contain more than just your average area description, it will contain interactive maps provided by the Cartographer's Guild of Portal (they really do exist) along with partial information on what exists within their dangerous boundaries.

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