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What's New in June 2001

  • June 20/2001
    Today has been a slow day, then again... the last couple days have been slow for updates. As the summer season slowly comes and eventually leaves, I'll most likely be more focused on completing the new version of the Edge. I've made some minor updates today to the Immortals section if you care to look.

    In other news or actually things I'd like to see evolve for this version of the site and the MUD is more promotion. If you happen to know of a MUD resource or related site that actively promotes MUDs through affiliates programs, open links between sites, etc., etc., feel free to send the URL through e-mail to Moridian or just drop me a tell message on the MUD if you see me around.

  • June 17-18/2001
    Life is grand sometimes. Anyway, just a few minor adjustments here and there along with the addition of a new area: News Archives.

    Basically, it keeps this area up-to-date with current information and old information goes there.

  • June 13-14/2001
    More, more, more... updates of course. This time, I've added the Tomes of History to the web site. You can locate it in the General Information section.

    I'm not done yet, I have also made more updates to the Immortals section. Yes, sooner or later I'll have the Guardians fully completed.

  • June 12/2001
    Should I or Should I not? That is the question on my mind these days. After finding the inconsistencies while viewing this fine site in Navigator, I have to say that it doesn't have that wonderous appeal like it does in Explorer. So I had to decide whether or not to try and crack my brain for a solution through programming or add a splash in Flash. As you can see the creative half of me won over attempting technical perfection. At least it almost looks identical in both browsers now.

  • June 11/2001
    New opening splash page. This is the new look that will become the basis of the new Edge of Creation web site. Yes, it is a teaser.

    As you can see, I have also changed around some of the pages allowing you to see updates as they are addressed so you can quickly access them.

  • June 9-10/2001
    The Links section under resources has been updated, therein contains a number of new links. Most importantly, we are now affiliated with MudRanger.Com. A search engine/portal web site specifically targeted towards MUDs and MUD-related web sites. So click and vote for the Edge!

    Other than the site wide updates with a visual peek (of what's to come) and speed enhancements, I have also made specific updates to the Immortals, Domains of the Edge and Players sections. Check them out!

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