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What's New in July 2001

  • July 31/2001
    If you're wondering about MudRanger.Com, our affiliate as had some trouble recently so in the meantime the voting option is currently offline until they are are back in full swing.

  • July 26/2001
    Updates to the Immortal section are up. Congrats to the recently promoted.

  • July 25/2001
    We're doing well at TopMUDSites.Com and you should all give yourselves credit for participating in the voting. Updates to the site are in the Players section. Our first clan is presented there. Read all about Dark Revelations there.

  • July 15/2001
    My apologies to all of you that decided to check out our Links section. So anyway, I've finally cleaned up the area so all the links are now properly connected to their URLS.

  • July 12/2001
    We're now registered with Top Mud Sites Top 100 Mud List. So here's a challenge for you all. Do you think we can become No.1 on the list? Click here or on the Vote button to the right and follow the instructions in the new page to register the ballot. Btw there is a catch. You can only place 1 vote every 12 hours, otherwise they'll ban us from the list for cheating the tally. Really. Got to be fair in the game of MUDs.

    Anyway, lets see how high we can get before they reset the listing! It's automatically reset every 15 days to allow others to gain top rankings.

    Other changes today, as you probably noticed coming into the site, I've taken down the entry splash page and opted for a more direct approach into the web site. I've teased you long enough I think.

    Changes never do cease today. The Links section has been overhauled completely in addition to the expansion of the Building Information section with links to various online building guides by some notable people in the MUDding community. Eventually I'll probably take a crack at a more in-depth Building Guide that's specifically for the Edge. Watch for it.

  • July 11/2001
    Updates to the Class descriptions and with the assistance of Moridian, we have also updated the Who's Online listings with more visual flair.

  • July 10/2001
    For those of you using Internet Explorer 5.5, you might notice a little change in the scroll-bar. Aesthetically pleasing isn't it? Compliments the rest of the site, does it not? Well, enough about that.

    There are little changes here and there, not much else though. If you would like to make an announcement here in relation to the daily life on the MUD, feel free to write up a message and send an email to Moridian to be posted here.

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