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What's New in August 2001

  • August 22/2001
    Up there where the wind is cold and elements of nature are at its strongest. A new realm has been discovered. Check out the new updates to Domains of the Edge and read up on new and old areas that can bring demise or bountiful riches.

  • August 15/2001
    Doing something a little different. If you're a regular visitor throughout the whole site checking updates, you might notice this. But to those who aren't, we have decided to rotate our Featured Affiliates area to the right. Every now and then, the banners will be rotated in certain areas of the site. Check them out!

    This month's feature is TopMudSites.Com. A MUD resource website that contains a Top 100 list of MUDs & MUD-related websites, a very busy Forum area, MUD reviews and other Gaming related links.

  • August 10/2001
    Some updates here and there. Not very important to note upon other than a new link provided by Taizu. Check out Imaginary Realities to read up on MUD-related news within the community.

    You can also find the link under the MUD Resources list of Links.

  • August 4/2001
    Perfection is close at hand. September 1/2001

    Updates to the News Archives section are complete. Check them out if you're interested in a partial history of the Web Site. In other news, MudRanger.Com is back online with a new design. Cast your votes for the Edge of Creation today! You can cast your votes in the Feature Affiliates box to the right.

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