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The city of minotaurs, Mahn-Tor, lies on the frozen wasteland we have named Duatha dun Ilamat, commonly known as the 'Land of Frozen Death', across the lapping red waves of the Blood Sea. Most adventurers reach this land through the ancient Blood Sea Portal. Named after its ruler, Mahn-Tor was founded long ago after a dark, unknown sect created the minotaur race by joining the features of bulls with unwilling humans. This savage race eventually rebelled and won its freedom. In recent years, the minotaur race has become much more civilized and though tempted to joining the forces of Light, they remain Neutral in the war between Law and Chaos. Our silent vigil of this particular area has been full of dangers and our losses in creating a map of the region have failed miserably. Anything beyond the portal leading to the frozen wasteland and the Keep itself is still a mystery to us.

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