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The powerful mage, Dantarian, was a misguided zealot of the forces of Law. He was experimenting with dangerous and destructive spells to increase the power of Law, intending to obliterate all of Chaos once and for all. Fortunately, he was discovered and tracked down by some very brave heroes of Portal City. They killed the mage and the dragon form he assumed. Unfortunately, before he was discovered one of his summoning experiments went astray and he opened a bigger "can of worms" than he had bargained for. He created a rift in the ethers that led to the elemental plane, and was unable to seal it. That rift is now open, allowing for the possibility of dangerous elementals to enter the Portal Lands at will. Brave adventurers may enter the rift and slay the elementals to prevent them from wreaking havok in our lands. (intended for levels 70-90)

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