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Long rumored to have existed, one lone explorer has returned alive to verify the tales. The dark city of Lorzhor'el has been found by those from the surface world! All those who have sought its riches to this point have died trying, keeping its secrets hidden. This explorer reports that the city is larger than any he has seen. The way to the city is treacherous and difficult, and magical skills will not speed the journey. Lorzhor'el is a powerful city of the Drow, and is ruled by an iron hand. The culture is very traditional. Since it is a large trading city, outsiders are tolerated with disdain, but only if they stay away from where they don't belong. The adventurer who returned said he barely had time to explore before escaping with his life. His fellow adventurers were not so fortunate. Many valuable and exotic items are to be found for the patient person who is willing to spend time and thought in finding them. The adventurer said the mistake his party made was to split up. His advice to all is to stay in groups if survival is a priority. Only the very strongest in the land should attempt to visit this stronghold. (level 100). The Guardians have been warded from Lozhor'el and their powers reduced within, they can not retreive your corpse for you from this dire pit of chaos.

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