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The great mage, Leotis, specialized in alchemy. As he grew older, he became more cynical and chaotic by nature. Starting out as a fighter for the Balance, he grew so weary of the forces of Law that he leaned more and more toward his own ideas of Chaotic vengeance. Leotis was finally put to permanent rest by a small band of very powerful champions of the Portal Lands. In the process of their courageous deed, they also acquired a deadly virus that he had created with the intent of eliminating all life in the Portal Lands. However, before he was stopped, he had created a series of underground tunnels leading to cells where he held the poor creatures who were the victims of his experiments. Once normal, these creatures are now warped and very dangerous. The only way to assure that they will never spread Leotis's evil is to eliminate them completely. Rumor has it that Leotis was killed in Seaport.

(This area is designed for players in the range of level 50-75)

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