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astles and valleys litter the realms of the Edge, from deserts to snow capped mountains, the domains of the Edge hold untold dangers and plenty of riches. For an adventurer, they can either determine glory or sorrow. How one lives their existence is up to the path they tread.

The Edge of Creation hosts a great many places. Some exists within the primal plane of existence; they exists upon many worlds at the same time and there are areas that are unique to the lands of Portal. You can find them here, all of them as you travel the lands.

The cartographers of Portal have painstakingly taken the time and opportunity to reveal a bit about each area so you as the adventurer know what dangers may lay ahead in your travels. As time progresses throughout the Edge, new lands may be discovered and new dangers await so tread cautiously and keep your wits about you, the Cartographers Guild will soon unlock its secret...

Author :: Domain
Shalarra :: Academy of Faith
Shalarra :: Academy of Portal City
Lycorlyntras :: Academy of the Masters
Hiryu :: Air Castle
Lycorlyntras :: Along the Forest Path
Mahatma :: Arachnos
Coeus :: Ashanderi
Eventine :: Atlantis
MoD :: Battle of the Ages
Lycorlyntras :: Besieged Citadel
Twilight :: Blade Dancer's Inn
Aragon :: Bladewood Forest
Silence :: Castle Kibur
Shalarra :: Cave of Korak
Morbius :: Cavern of the Gnolls
Copper :: Chapel Catacombs
Binky :: Ciquala's Lair
Shalarra :: Circus of Challenge
Abalister :: Dagger Keep
Shalarra :: Dantarian's Rift
Arkham :: Darkblade Fortress
Sandman :: Dragon Exports
Wench :: Dragon Tower
Anon :: Drow City
Sandman :: Dwarven Daycare
Cianhydle :: Dwarven Mines
Raff :: Dwarven Village
Ozymandias :: Elusian Fields
Nylla :: Enchanted Forest
MoD :: Entrance to Hell
Trace :: Fire Giants Keep
Yaegar :: Firetop Mountain
Yaegar :: Ghost Town
Yaegar :: Goblin Caves
Alfa :: Graveyard
MoD :: Hall of the Damned
Diku :: Haon Dor
Anon :: High Tower of Sorcery
Cianhydle :: Highcliff Ruins
Alfa :: Holy Grove
Shalarra :: Ice Mountain
Shalarra :: Isle of Mists
RoD :: Limbo
Shalarra :: Leotis's Nightmares
Shalarra :: Lorzhor'el
MoD :: Maze of the Dark Abyss
Copper :: Miden'nir
Merriman :: Mirror Realm
Yaegar/Kurga :: Mount Doom
Ymir :: Myrloch Vale
Hatchet :: New Ofcol
Alfa :: Ofcol
Caine :: Pixie Forest
Zaknafein :: Portal Art Gallery
Harshal :: Portal City
Lycorlyntras :: Portal Lands
Zoya :: Sarbhregd, the Pixie Village
Caine :: Seaport
Diku :: Sewer
Seccunda :: Shattered Refuge
MoD :: Spiral Staircase of Death
Harshal :: Stony Desert
Nyarlathotep :: Tasloi Tree Village
Toby :: Tchaikovsky's Dream
Shalarra :: Temple of Chaos
Shalarra :: Temple of Law
Shalarra :: Temple of Mal-Hodi
Shalarra :: Temple of the Gods
Malekai :: Temple of the Laughing God
Gideon :: Temple of the Talon
Anon :: Thalos
Caine :: The Arena
Andi :: The Astral Plane
Lycorlyntras :: The Call of Chaos
Draiden :: The Castle Naytil
Moridian :: The Crypt of Rahmul
Rolindar :: The Curse of the Necromancer
Yaegar/Auror :: The Dungeon
Keolah :: The Elven City of Kirenee
Caine :: The Great Eastern Road
Lycorlyntras :: The Griff Inn
Xavier :: The Hideout
Chris :: The Keep of Mahn-Tor
Uriel :: The Keep of Valor
Yaegar :: The Keep of the Warlock
MoD :: The Lost Towers
Caine :: The Northern Plains
Rolindar :: The Orc Holdings
Shalarra :: The School of Games
Lycorlyntras :: The Southern Pass
Arachnea :: The Stone Mine
MoD :: The Three Prime Evils
Yaegar :: The Underdark
Caine :: The Village of Tao
Wren :: The White Forest
Merc :: Troll Den
Cedrick :: Tullfuhrzky Manor
Karakleia :: UnSeelie Court
Imperium :: Undead City
Silence :: Undercity
Eldaera :: Unholy Grounds
Shalarra :: Weatherby Estate
Wren :: White Tower
Cianhydle :: Wine Cellars
Tyrst :: Wyvern's Tower

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